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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Why you Should Book your Holidays in the South of France

Head off to the Languedoc, Provence or Cote D'Azure for a perfect getaway. Why not combine your hobby with a holiday and have the best of both worlds?

If you are into cycling the amazing Tour de France you will will be passing close to many properties that are on offer from us - the buzz of the "Caravanne" heading through before the race leaders and the Peloton is a sight to see and sets you up for the awesome blur of riders speeding to the next destination.

For those who like to pursue their creativity and improve their culinary skills why not join a Cooking Course on offer from "Cooking in Provence" - to accommodate you the Owner has two properties Mas St Sylvestre (VU011A) and Mas St Ambroise (VU012A) on the doorstep.

Mas St Sylvestre and Mas St Ambroise
In the Languedoc a fabulous opportunity awaits you - a Gastronomic Experience with the Chef and Owner of Restaurant O Bontemps in Magalas not far from Beziers, who offers Cookery Days - create and eat what a great combination! You can stay at South France Villas property HE084A Villa Kharbashi and walk home!

Olivier Bontemps
To entice you further, the sights and smells of shopping in the traditional French Markets will whet your appetite - starting in the Spring with delicious Green Asparagus, followed by an array of soft fruits - mouthwatering Cherries, juicy Strawberries, flavoursome Apricots - for the inevitable jam making - and sweet tasting Melons, not forgetting the aromatic garlic and sweet onions.

If all this is too much like hard work a tour of a local vineyard for that wine tasting session  or a day out at the Jousting Tournament in Sete would fit the bill on the leisure front!

Fun in the sun is what holidays are all about - why wait?