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Thursday 26 May 2016

Summer is coming and the South of France is getting ready for you!

South of France holiday

Summer holidays in France

Here in the South of France, we know when summer is nearly here, the locals have stopped wearing their winter boots, coats and scarves!  (The temperature needs to be at least 25 degrees for this to happen), ex-pats and holidaymakers have been wearing t-shirts, shorts and general summer gear for a couple of months!
Dining alfresco is back in the norm, and Rosé sales have increased!

Holidays in France
The village fetes have started, local orchestras touring from village to village along with many local groupies, we are still overwhelmed by the quality of these talented musicians.
The Vigneronnes are out nurturing their vines, and praying for some light rain in the evenings to help the vines through the hot summer (they call it raining money!) Our villa owners are sprucing up their holiday houses, cleaning the pools, gardens being tidied, wine cellars being stocked..

Beach chalet South of France
The beaches have been cleared of any winter debris, the wonderful private beach bars and restaurants have popped up again! (unbelievable how they pack them away each year). Sunloungers are laid out on the beaches, the sun is warming the Mediterranean sea….

The only thing missing is you!

So are you ready for your South of France villa holiday? 

Pezenas Luxury villa
If travelling by car, try not to bring too much! You can buy almost everything here in the South of France, if you are a little particular about your morning cup of tea, then maybe pack a packet of your favourite tea! You of course need a little room in the boot for French wine on your return journey! Do make sure you have plenty of water in the car and maybe a snack just in case you get stuck in any holiday traffic.

A great game to play for children and adults is to try and spot a car from each department in France, They are identified by a 2 digit number, for example the towns of Pezenas and Beziers are in Herault, Languedoc which is 34,  Aix-en –Provence, and Arles are in Bouche-du-Rhone which is 13, Nice and Cannes are in the Alpes-Maritimes 06 and Paris is 75 (so watch out for their driving!).  You can see the full list of France’s departments here.

Flights to South of FranceIf flying to the South of France, again try not to bring too much! Most of our villas have a washing machine, should you run out of clean clothes. It is a good idea to bring some Sun-cream with you, especially for the first day. You can order on-line from Boots and collect your delivery at the airport airside, this means you don’t have to worry about liquids going through security. This service is also great for families with young children or babies who need baby food or baby milk. 

Fortunately the flight to the South of France is only around 2 hours, as most of the flights are with budget airlines, do make sure you check-in early to ensure that you are all sat together, or pay the extra to book your seats. If travelling with the elderly or young children the back of the plane is much easier to access and baby-changing facilities are normally situated here. If you have hired a car and it is feasible, the driver should make a sharp exit from the plane and try to get to the car hire queue first!

HOneymoon south of FRance
Don’t forget the directions to your holiday Villa along with the keyholder's contact details. Of course make sure you have the all the Travel Essentials; Tickets, Passport, Driving Licence, Travel Insurance and EU health card, Cash, Bank/Credit card, Medication (good idea to have a copy of your prescription too), 

Travelling can be stressful especially with excited children, so try and keep calm if you get lost, have to queue at the airport, or forget your school French!

Holidays in the South of France are all about making happy memories, so make the most of your time away and enjoy!

If you have not yet booked your Summer holiday, then contact us and we can plan your holiday as you would plan your own.
We have some wonderful villas that have summer availability and check out our last minute special offers.