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Thursday 25 February 2016

South of France Food- The Pourcel Brothers and more.

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The Pourcel brothers (twins) have been sharing their culinary expertise for over 30 years, they are the most famous Chefs in the Languedoc Roussillon region, well known throughout France, their reputation and business ventures have now spread worldwide.

They have just announced the closing of their flagship restaurant in Montpellier "Les Jardins des Sens", the good news is they will be reopening in 2019 after taking over Montpellier's old town hall.  With an investment of over 11 million euro, this fantastic piece of architecture will be magically transformed into the new place to be and eat in the South of France!

For their last week at Les Jardins des Sens they have invited over 20 chefs from across the world to provide an amazing gastronomic experience, with lunches from just 50 euro per person.

vila south of france
If you are visiting the Languedoc Roussillon area from Spring 2016, then you will have the opportunity to dine at their pop up restaurant, set to open in May. Situated in Montpellier on Avenue de la Mer, catering for up to 250 people, it will be less formal, offering tapas, a wide choice of charcuterie, a cheese counter, along with a wine bar. We are sure this will be another success for the Pourcel brothers.

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Eating and Drinking is a very serious pastime in the South of France. Lunch is served from Midday until around 2pm and Dinner from 7.30pm. (Outside of these hours then it is a sandwich or McDonalds! Although in the summer months some restaurants are open all day or non-stop as they say in French).  

Nearly all restaurants will have a set menu normally with 3 courses, including Le Plat du jour. Try if you can to choose Le Plat du Jour as you can guarantee it will be freshly cooked and it maybe something that you have ever tried before! Lunchtime offers the best value as the majority of French workers dine in restaurants thanks to the generous Ticket Restaurants (Luncheon vouchers), that they receive from their employers.

You will always be asked if you would like an aperitif before starting any meal, maybe a Kir Royale or if you want to be very French then try a Pastis! One cannot finish a French meal without an espresso! If you fancy a little sweetness then order a café Gourmand, this French favourite is an espresso served with a small selection of little cakes or pastries.

restaurant south of france

The Languedoc Roussillon has a wide choice of restaurants from the cheap and cheerful local PMU bars, where you will find laminated tables and non of the French je ne sais quoi!, but you will get a good Plat du Jour, maybe Steak Frites, Beouf Bourignon or Cassolet in the winter months, to the Michelin Stared Restaurants like Jardin des Sens (before it decided to close), L'Octopus in Beziers and Le Piece de resistance in the Languedoc is the 3 starred Auberge du vieux Puits situated in a tiny village called Fontjoncouse.

villa on the beach
As you would expect on the coast freshly caught Fish is the highlight of the menu, Oysters, Prawns and other shellfish taste so much nicer by the sea in the South of France sunshine! The Port of Marseillan has some amazing restaurants, and the oysters don't have far to travel, you can see their beds in the Etang.

beach villa languedoc

June is a great time to visit the area, there is much more availability for our Luxury Villas, the private beaches are less crowded, easier to get in the top restaurants, the weather is just perfect and flights are cheaper, so what are you waiting for?

Our Villas offer a relaxing welcome haven after returning from a day sightseeing, lazing on the beach or dining at one of the wonderful Languedoc restaurants.


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